Downloads monetization reimagined

Get revenue for every download

How it works

1. Product download

Thanks to our super fast servers across the world and a very tiny installer — it happens in a blink of an eye.

2. Installer start

Light weight installer runs fast and smooth. User sees custom-designed installer branded especially for your product.

3. Additional offers

During the installation process we offer to install other most relevant products, and user can accept or decline each of them.

4. You get paid

User complete the installation of your product and you get paid according to his operating system and country.

Worldwide monetization

Go global. Distribute your product worldwide and be sure you will be paid for every successfull installation regardless where it came from.

Thanks to premium advertisers we are able to pay for installations in more than 200 countries.


Tailor-made solutions for any traffic type

Depending on your content we can implement our downloader, installer or landing pages. Doesn’t matter what kind of traffic you want to monetize — we’ve got you covered. One of the top-performing solutions are made for:

  • Software portals
  • Music websites
  • Streaming websites
  • Any downloadable content

A win-win for Win and Mac

If you have versions of your product made for Windows and macOS, good news: with the same sophisticated core our installer and downloader are available for both operating systems.


Easy brand safety management

Block or unblock specific offers, set permissions, limits and make other security settings directly from dashboard.

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