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About Stone Intelligence

Stone intelligence is a leading performance marketing platform, providing turnkey monetization and distribution solutions for software, browser extensions and mobile apps, created in order to solve the biggest challenges in the market.

Our mission

Digital advertising requires combining skills, trust and adaptability to every-day changes. We know how much our partners struggle to find the best way to distribute and monetize their products. With a never-bigger competition and lack of confidence by consumers, it’s hard to deliver the outcome to the right audience our partners want to reach.

Those things made us believe we can bring the solution that will encourage developers to focus on creating great softwares, while we work on everything else. And it became our reality.



Stone intelligence

Stone intelligence wouldn’t be what it is without the amazingly motivated and talented crew, consisting of experienced developers and strategic-vision marketers.

Usually, we get things done individually but shine when we make things together. By giving a freedom to everyone to work the way they prefer, we help our team build problem-solving mindset instead of controlling them. The real strentgh comes from within.

Join our team

Our goal is to create a place where you can boost your personal and professional skills, you can expect:

  • Full freedom to make decisions
  • A creative learning environment
  • A welcoming collaborative team

We count on our whole team to achieve big goals that they have never done before so that we can push Stone intelligence to new hights.