Helping developers monetize their products.

Stone Intelligence adds a steady revenue stream for developers who have downloadable browser extensions, software or websites in a seamless manner. Our monetization solution ensures a custom non obtrusive experience for your users.

How it works

Software monetization

Focus on distributing your product. While we do the hard work and ensure that you will be paid for every installation. This will ensure that you as a developer can focus on creating useful products for your users.

User acquisition

Engage with users at the right time. To ensure high customer satisfaction and retention rates. We are able to get you started off with a campaign to get great amounts of installs for great ROI

Search monetization

Enhance your software, browser extension or website with a customised search box and get revenue from your users searching the web like they always do. We ensure that the process is plug n play and customised to fit your product.

The only toolkit you need for monetising your software

Working with Stone Intelligence you’ll realize the complete potential of your products. Stone Intelligence will help you ensure that users gain additional value in your products.

Implementation is also easy! We ensure brand satisfaction and compliance is in place for all our partners.

What are you waiting for?

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